Lonely woman with big milkings wants sex with a plumber

Pornstars: Kristall Rush, Vince Karter - Most of the time, pretty lady Crystal Rush thinks about men and sex with them, without thinking at all about the condition of the water pipes. Of course, such an attitude leads to the fact that they become clogged and cannot fulfill the load placed on them. But Anechka Kuznetsova is from Russia and that says it all. When the water stops flowing from the tap, she invites the plumber and runs around him half naked, offering herself in a variety of poses. But since the man is a plumber, and not a steadfast tin soldier, most of the time he cleans the pipes of the lady herself, but in the end everything works like in the best houses of London and Paris! Well, if I messed up the pipes a little - then who is without sin?!

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